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Important notification

Important notice!

Dear guests,

From today we are back for you...........

you are welcome to reserve a table for Easter!

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Your Hüttenmühlen Team

Terrace menu

Delicacies and snacks from 14:30
Sundays and public holidays warm food from 11:30  – 20:30

Hot out of the soup pot    
Soup of the day (ask our staff) with "Jug baker's bread   5,00 €
Self made goulash soup with "Jug baker's bread"   5,80 €
Fresh home made salads small
(in jar)
Fresh salad  4,20 € 7,90 €

Fresh salad with sheep cheese, olives, pepers and garlic

6,90 € 9,70 €
Fresh salad with tuna and onions   10,50 €
Fresh salad with chicken breast   11,50 €

Choice of "Mill-dressing" (cold pressed olive oil, balsamico vinaigrette, Dijon mustard and fig mustard) or yoghurt dressing and "Jug baker's bread"

Bread, butter, olives and olive oil (per Person) 2,50 €
Bread snacks in our mill  
Mill “Cheese cubes" with Jug baker's bread and butter 7,75 €
Mill "Ham bread" with Jug baker's bread and butter 7,75 €
Mill "Hand cheese with music" (regional sour milk cheese pickled with
olive oil and onions) with Jug baker's bread and butter
7,75 €
Smoked salmon plate with horseradish cream and Jug baker's bread  9,95 €
"Elios plate"
Sicilian salami, Formaggio Ai Sapori (cheese), green Olives,
Jug baker's bread and butter 
9,90 €
Something sweet...  
Hüttenmühle Dessert Variation 6,50 €
Apple strudel with vanilla icecream and whipped cream 4,60 €
"Hot love" with vanilla icecream and hot raspberries 4,80 €
Häagen-Dazs icecream (different varieties) 3,50 €
Choice of cake (ask our staff)  piece 2,80 €

We accept cash or EC cards. Per change of order 0,50 €