Important notification
Hotel Hüttenmühle

Important notification

Dear guests of the Hüttenmühle!

The hotel remains open for you.

Due to current events we do not serve breakfast

and the restaurant is closed until 18.04.2020

Sunny greetings from the Hüttenmühle

Malika & Andreas

Terrace menu

Delicacies and snacks from 14:30
Sundays and public holidays warm food from 11:30  – 20:30

Hot out of the soup pot    
Soup of the day (ask our staff) with "Jug baker's bread   5,00 €
Self made goulash soup with "Jug baker's bread"   5,80 €
Fresh home made salads small
(in jar)
Fresh salad  4,20 € 7,90 €

Fresh salad with sheep cheese, olives, pepers and garlic

6,90 € 9,70 €
Fresh salad with tuna and onions   10,50 €
Fresh salad with chicken breast   11,50 €

Choice of "Mill-dressing" (cold pressed olive oil, balsamico vinaigrette, Dijon mustard and fig mustard) or yoghurt dressing and "Jug baker's bread"

Bread, butter, olives and olive oil (per Person) 2,50 €
Bread snacks in our mill  
Mill “Cheese cubes" with Jug baker's bread and butter 7,75 €
Mill "Ham bread" with Jug baker's bread and butter 7,75 €
Mill "Hand cheese with music" (regional sour milk cheese pickled with
olive oil and onions) with Jug baker's bread and butter
7,75 €
Smoked salmon plate with horseradish cream and Jug baker's bread  9,95 €
"Elios plate"
Sicilian salami, Formaggio Ai Sapori (cheese), green Olives,
Jug baker's bread and butter 
9,90 €
Something sweet...  
Hüttenmühle Dessert Variation 6,50 €
Apple strudel with vanilla icecream and whipped cream 4,60 €
"Hot love" with vanilla icecream and hot raspberries 4,80 €
Häagen-Dazs icecream (different varieties) 3,50 €
Choice of cake (ask our staff)  piece 2,80 €

We accept cash or EC cards. Per change of order 0,50 €